Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the surrounding everyday physical objects into an ecosystem of information that enriches our lives. The IoT that represents the convergence of advances in miniaturization, wireless connectivity and increased data storage is driven by various sensors. Sensors detect and measure changes in position, temperature, and many others, furthermore, they are necessary to turn billions of objects into data-generating “things” that can report their status, and often interact with their environment.


The SensorHUB framework is a data monetization enabler, which supports application domain-specific, - i.e. transportation, health, production lines, smart cities, - data collection and service development to utilize sensor networks and smart client devices.

A pillar of the Future Internet

The Internet of Things will comprise many billions of Internet-connected objects or "things" that can sense, communicate, compute, and potentially actuate, as well as have intelligence, multimodal interfaces, physical/virtual identities, and attributes. The IoT is an enabler and often driver to many application domains including production lines, supply chain management, transportation and logistics, aerospace, and automotive.

Realizing the IoT vision

To realize the IoT vision of bringing technology to people anytime, anywhere, with any device, service, or application, not only must users be aware of their devices’ capabilities but the "things" must also be aware of users' activities, preferences, and context. The SensorHUB concept provides a framework and tools to support application domain specific service development.


SensorHUB is a multi domain application framework. Our supported domains include amongst many others:


Sensors on various vehicles from cars to trucks, providing services for transportation organisers, fleet managers, etc...

Smart City

Utilizing sensor architectures in cities can lead to a cleaner, smarter future.


Smartwatches and other connected devices provides a variety of data regarding your health. Applications using these data can help us live a more healthy life.


Sensors in the fields provides us data regarding the weather, crops and many more factors.


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